Care Team

Our first priority is to make sure each resident receives the personalized care he or she deserves. Access to dedicated care has been shown in many studies to lead to better outcomes for residents, fewer hospitalizations, and lower attrition rates. Our team includes:

  • On Call Physician Services – we’ve partnered with a visiting clinical service provider with extensive expertise delivering care in senior living settings.  Our dedicated physician is a board certified doctor with a depth of experience in geriatric care. Utilizing the provider’s extensive resources and reach, our clinician is able deliver the same medical services to our residents in the home that you expect from a traditional medical clinic and is responsible for establishing each resident’s specific care plan.  They also serve as the primary care physician to our residents so they rarely have to leave the residence for medical appointments.

  • Registered Nurse (RN) – our RN oversees the Certified Nursing Assistants and Medication Aides, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations and our policies and procedures. She also assists in creating and monitoring each resident's care plan, assesses residents' health status on a regular basis, ensures proper health record maintenance, and provides on-going training and support for our caregivers.

  • Executive Director/Administrator – our Executive Director is a certified North Carolina Medication Aide and certified North Carolina Assisted Living Administrator with continuing education in areas related to dietary requirements, sanitation, medication administration, diabetes, fire and accident prevention, and dementia care. As Administrator, he monitors the cognitive and physical condition of each of our residents, provides ongoing training for caregivers and coordinates with our residents, families, employees, the physician, and outside providers on the personal service plans for each resident.

  • Our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) & Med Techs – full time CNA’s and Medication Aides are dedicated to engaging and monitoring the cognitive and physical condition of each resident. They work with families and providers to ensure the proper approach and service plan are meeting the resident’s needs.

  • Pharmacy Services – our partnership with a reputable pharmacy service provides residents with quality, cost-effective care including unlimited delivery of sealed medication packets specially prepared and rigorously checked; recurring pharmacy consulting services by a Registered Nurse (RN) to review for safety and cost effectiveness; and wellness programs to address allergies, dosing, contraindications, and side effects. All of these services are managed on a secure web portal that residents and their families can access.

  • Dietitian – our residents enjoy nutritious, home-cooked meals with the oversight of a dietitian who evaluates every recipe and is able to accommodate individual dietary requirements.

In addition to our full time staff, we coordinate with other healthcare providers to bring many essential services onsite to avoid the stress and inconvenience that comes with frequent trips to the doctor.  We are able to provide complete care coordination, working in concert with facility staff, residents, their families and their insurance companies to coordinate with specialists, home care services, necessary off-site testing, and medical device and equipment delivery.