residence room interior
Delivering specialized, expert Memory Care by trained professionals. Secure and comfortable layout, trained staff, and specialized activities.

Dementia & Alzheimer's Care

The home was designed with Alzheimer’s and dementia in mind, including signage and distinguishing characters for easier navigation. A home environment naturally makes daily living easier - there are no long hallways, no elevators, and no confusing cafeterias to navigate.

We offer enrichment activities specially designed by our Activity Director  which provide critical one-on-one stimulation meant to preserve important skills (like gardening, baking, crafts, and other projects).

Alarmed entry/exit to keep residents safe

Specially trained staff who understand that dementia care requires:

  • established routines which bring stability and predictability

  • one-on-one, step-by-step interactions that limit distraction and confusion

  • patience, calm, encouragement, and empathy

  • presence in your loved one's reality, validation of his or her experiences, and acknowledgement of real emotion

  • reassurance your loved one is valued and his or her opinions matter

  • emphasis on positive interactions


Our home is open to residents with diverse needs but we are equipped to provide dementia care – with living spaces and activities designed to keep residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia safe and engaged. Maintaining a high quality of life can make a significant difference in how someone progresses through the disease.

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